Thursday, December 11, 2008

A woman modestly dressed is as a pearl in its shell

You look at me and call me oppressed

Simply because of the way I’m dressed

You know me not for what is inside

You judge the clothing I wear with pride

My body is not for your eyes to hold

You must speak to my mind, not my feminine mould

I’m an individual; I’m not a man’s slave

It’s Allah’s pleasure that I only crave

I have a voice so I will be heard

For in my heart I carry His word

“O ye women, wrap close your cloak

So you won’t be bothered by ignorant folk”

Man doesn’t tell me to dress this way

It’s law from Allah that I obey

Oppressed is something I’m truly not

For liberation is what I’ve got

It was given to me many years ago

With the right to prosper, the right to grow

I can climb mountains or cross the seas

Expand my mind in all degrees

For Allah Himself gave us liberty

When He sent Islam, to you and me……….

Author: Unknown