Monday, January 19, 2009


With the rahmah of Allah
there are those with taqwa who get a lot of rewards
that are not their practices and not their physical practices
Not the rewards as the result of their efforts
The niat is good but even though it cannot be implemented, the rewards are given
Such as sufferings, difficulties, sickness that befalls on him, he is patient in accepting
The niat is evil but even though it is not implemented, the rewards are given
People look down, slander, humiliate,
spite and jealousy towards him,
he does not retaliate, in fact pray for the person
His needs that are not achieved
to the extent that he wants but he does not get
he accepts
Knowledge that is taught, then the person who listen to his teachings, practices,
the rewards are given to the teacher
The good that someone does
then it emulated by someone
this is considered as though he has implemented the knowledge
The pious child, the outcome of the training of the parents
whatever is practiced by the child
the parents get the rewards
The needy, the poor do desire
as it is difficult to get
It result in rewards for him
In fact whatever he desires
he is not capable of getting, God gives the reward
There are temptations in the world, that are forbidden, influencing him
for his God, he stays away
rewards are for him
Prayers that are not fulfill in this world
the rewards are given in Jannah
The feeling of being a servant by any servant
the shame with God
the feeling of being with God, all these are rewards
They are not actions
Feeling of fear, love for God
that influences his heart
are also rewards that are not in the form of practices
To see a person in difficulty gives him feelings of compassion
Seeing a person suffering he feels suffering
Seeing a person in comfort or achieving a success
he also feels happy and these are also rewards
These are some of the free rewards
that are received by the person with taqwa
that are not the outcome of action
These free rewards sometimes
there are more than the rewards that are the result of action
That is the rahmat of God for those with taqwa

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