Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wishing you the blessings of Eid ul Fitr


The month of Ramadan has come to the end,
Ibnu Rajab express his deep feelings of the departure of Ramadan
through his poetic expression which can touch our hearts:

"Ibn Rajab" said:
O month of Ramadan, slow down.
Tears of your lovers are overflowing.
Their hearts are about to be broken.
So, slow down, lest the last moment before going apart calms down our pains.
Lest a man who was away from Allah can catch up with those who are accepted.
Lest Allah (SWT) sets a man who committed a lot of sins free of his sins.
Lest Allah (SWT) forgives a man who deserves hell.
O month of Ramadan, slow down.

MashaAllah, what a touching poem which can be felt deep in our hearts.
Those days pious people continuously seek forgiveness in fear as actions do not guarantee success.

Abdul Azeez ibn Abee Ruwaad said: "I have met people very diligent in performing actions, and upon completion of those actions they are faced with sadness in fear of the action being accepted or not."

It is reported that Ali bin Abi Taleb said: Be more concerned that your actions are accepted than your concern of performing the action itself. Did you not hear the statement of Allah:
{Verily Allah only accepts the actions of the Mutaqeen (pious)}
Some salaf used to say: "The people of the past would supplicate 6 months to Allah to allow them to reach the month of Ramadan, and then upon completion of the month, they would again supplicate 6 months (begging) for acceptance of their fast."They would display sadness on the day of Eid. It was said to them: "This is a day of happiness and joy!"They would respond: "You have spoken the truth, but I am a servant, my Lord has ordered me to perform an action but I am not sure if He will accept it from me or not."

We are far from possessing the characteristic of those pious people but we can still strive in our efforts to possess the quality of being moderate and having a true heart which constantly seek Allah’s mercy which can make us reach our ultimate target, that is to gain His Love, InshaAllah.

Bukhari records on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (pbuh) said, "Your actions alone will not save any of you." They asked, Messenger of Allah, not even you?, He replied, 'Not even me, unless, Allah were to envelop me in His mercy. Be firm; steadfast and balanced; and journey [to Allah] in the beginning of the day, the end of the day, and a portion of the latter part of the night. Moderation, moderation! Through this you will attain your goal!"

Therefore, let us continue seeking forgiveness in order to attain Allah's Love, Mercy and Redha...
Hasan (al Basri) said: "Increase in you seeking of forgiveness, for verily you don’t know when the mercy of Allah will befall you."
Luqman said to his son: "Oh my son, condition your tongue to constantly seek forgiveness from Allah. Verily Allah has specific hours that He does not reject supplication."

Besides seeking forgiveness, we still need to be thankful to Allah for His numerous blessings despite our shortcomings and flaw. We must also praise Allah in order to show our gratitude and appreciation of His endless blessings and amazing guidance due to His enduring Love and Mercy.
"He wants you to complete the same number (of days) and that must magnify Allah (takbir) for having guided you and so that you may be grateful to Him." (Translation -Al-Baqarah 2:185)

So let us seek Allah’s forgiveness and Mercy
in our du’a in order to attain His enduring Love
and may Allah forgive us for all our shortcomings,
and let us be thankful to Allah
for His bounteous blessings He showers on us,
for His unfailing love and for His illuminating light.............

Ibn Hajr Al-`Asqalani (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “We have related in “Mahamiliyat” with a chain of narration that is hasan, from Jubayr ibn Nufayr who said: 'When the companions of Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) met on the day of `Eid, they would say to each other, 'Taqaballahu minna wa minkum (may Allah accept from you and us ).” (Fath al Bari 2:446)

Wishing you all a tranquil and blessed Eid
full of reflections and contemplation…….

'Taqaballahu minna wa minkum’
[may Allah accept (our deeds) from you and us].

Love and du’as always


Ibn Hanif said...

Thanks you for wishing us! Same for you too, Sister.

Muhd Suhaily said...


Salam lebaran 1430H, semoga sentiasa ceria disisi keluarga dan tabah menghadapi dunia yang penuh dengan persaingan.