Monday, September 20, 2010

“Heal my wounds with Thy Love”

(sunset photo captured recently from heartoheart at putra jaya, malaysia)

Do make me savor, O my Savior
The ornament Thou slash my chest
To soothe and solace my heart
And free my soul from spree,
Thy kiss breaks the spell of sweet slumber,
The pain not in vain as You heal,
On Your loyal alter my deepest wound being healed,
From wintriness to warmness I reach Your feet
Solace in Thy love do I feel,
I a slave Thou knowth best how to heal!

To reach the stage of loving God the most is our ultimate aim, but the journey to attain the stage is a road least taken and endured…….less appreciated and craved for… as it promises not roses but thorns….As we travel on the pathway of life to seek the true love, light and serenity ….from  hurt to heal….from sorrow to joy ….from tensed to solace....we’ll reach a spritual threshold when our wounds will be healed  by His Love…………..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A spiritual awakening…………

Annotation of “Sorrow looted the heart”
Sorrow looted this heart,
and Your Love threw it to the winds.
This is how the secret which saints and seers were denied
was whispered to me.
(Abu Said Abil-Kheir)

Your love whirls the winds as You threw
Drooping the disguise as the love grew!
When the wise saints and sages’ love rooted
Their hearts revive as sorrow looted!
Possesing the love of God is our ultimate aim but to reach this ultimate stage….we will be tested through trials and tribulations ……….when we believe and accept each breath we take, each step we move, is by His Mercy and Love, and have faith that He is with us and never forsake us, we will begin to have a strong dependency on Him and we will live a life seeking His Redha, Mercy and Love in our thoughts, speech and actions….When dependency on man can only lead to hurt, pain eventually causing sorrow to the heart, dependency on God will enablesorrow to be looted from the heart as true love of God dwells in it. As the sorrow droops….the mystical awakening occurs and unfolds leaving no room for grief, as the heart is filled with joy and contentment ….unveiling a hidden blessing…............
a spiritual awakening…..
There is no situation that would cause grief to a
believer, or cause his distress, because he has grasped this secret
and attained pure faith. God explains the spiritual state of the
believer in these words:
Those who say, "Our Lord is God," and then go straight will feel no
fear and will know no sorrow. (Translation Surah Al-Ahqaf:13)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

as the time slips by………….

The month of Ramadan has slipped by silently…leaving us to face the days ahead….in this temporary world..struggling to fade the illusive wordly pleasure in order to taste the highest peak of goodness so that we stay on the path of righteous people but only truthful and God fearing men of high determination can reach the stage……

"It is no virtue that you turn your face to the East and the West, but virtue is that one should believe in Allah, and the Last Day and the angels and the prophets; and spend out of love for Him his wealth on relatives and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and on those who ask and for ransom of the slaves and establish salat and pay zakat. And those who fulfil the pledges they make and steadfast In adversity and affliction and In times of struggle, such are the people as are truthful and Godfearing." (Baqarah: 177)

"Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate now after Thou hast guided us, but grant us mercy from Thine own Presence; for Thou art the Granter of bounties without measure" (Al Imran - Verse 8)