Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spices of life –True Friends are jewels

Photo of Sanga View by Zaid Abraham, Kashmir
Making friends in the fold of mutual understanding, trusting companionship, honest relationship for the sake of Allah is an amazing experience and a lifetime joy but only true friendship grows as the time passes, surviving through the tough and challenging moments and staying by our side in  our smiles and tears. Some friends come like  pieces of chocolate moist cake but as time passes when we began to indulge in it ,we will realize that it’s just an illusion and some friends are jewels bringing lasting love,overflowing with serene comfort and radiating the light of love for the sake of Allah.

There are some friends whom I put my trust , give my love and I get trust and love in return but just like the morning dew
it  vanishes as the daybreak appears after many years.I search everywhere for the offense that I have created , apologize for alll the mistakes due to my weaknesses as I wish to create a harmonious relationship with love, understanding, trust, honesty for the sake of Allah but what I get is a hurtful  ending with tears and sorrows when they curse me with thorns while they break the relationship. I search again for the cause of the problem and admit my weaknesses, may Allah forgive me for putting too much trust on them and being too gentle to them. Friends like them can forsake us but Allah never forsake us. They are friends  who come and go, like the tide, who never value the meaning of friendship for the sake of Allah, they are with us when we are happy, but leave us in our hard moments. Sometimes I wonder if I took the wrong step to create a friendship, O Allah forgive me and my friends who have cause hurt, and teach us the value of true friendship built to seek Your love and redha not human’s.

There are friends who are real blessings from Allah. They appear like stars in our life, they warm us  like the sun, calm us like the flowing crystal water, beautify  our lives with lovely roses,and  colour our lives with the rainbow.  They are friends who love us for the sake of Allah, surviving through thick and thin, ups and down, for the name of friendship in Allah’s love. I thank Allah for giving me such friends; who remain and sustain our friendship and some who appear like a rainbow after the rainy storm of hurtful friendship.  As time passes by, I learn that harshness hurts, but gentleness heals and I began to understand that  true love, deep trust, undying honesty and  strong understanding are the main ingredients in building a lasting friendship in sincerity, maturity and serenity, bringing us closer to Allah.Thank you Allah for you gift of friendship and O Allah teach us to value  this gift for the sake of love for You as we know and believe that true friendship is a forever friendship growing and living in Your everlasting Love, illuminating light and endless mercy. Alhamdulillah….

Friends on that Day will be foes one to another except Al-Muttaqun”.
(Translation :Surah Az-Zukhruf: 67)
"(On the Day of Judgement) you will be with those whom you love."
[ Hadith Narrated by Imam Bukhari ]
 “Muslims are brothers, therefore make peace between the two brothers and fear Allah that the mercy may be shown to you”. (Translation: Surah Hujurat:10)
with much love and light,


Betta sp said...

nice post. experience will teach us the meaning of friends, and most of us have learn it

ibunoor said...

Salam dear sister,

Thank you very much for dropping by my humble blog. May this ukhuwwah be a blessing to the both of us.

Keep on writing masyaAllah...


nur sakinah thomas said...

salam Betta sp,

thanks for your comment,that's true, the true meaning of friendship can be revealed through life experience...

nur sakinah thomas said...

salam ibunoor,

you're most welcome my dear sister...thank you so much for the support and encouragement..and amen to your du'a...much appreciated for all your kindness...

alhamdulillah,i found your website and was amazed by your inspiring writings...


nuurhati said...

salam sis~

love very much your writing,
learn to write better..

may Allah bless you sis:)

Islam Muslimah said...

assalualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu sis!

this was yet another beautiful post with such vivid images described through such great similies and metaphors!!! Love it! masha'Allah

and so true about the friends thing...its been a year since I became Muslim Alhamdulilah and I'm already seeing which friends are blessings from Allah and which friends are just roadbloacks from shaitan!

Jazakilah kheyr for this post!