Saturday, May 28, 2011

Touching hearts and souls

captured in USM

We can never retrieve the time that slips away, no matter how much we clutch and grasp the moments, it will definitely slip and fade away…the day of judgment is definite and we all will be accountable for all our deeds, speech and thoughts….so let us touch human hearts and souls with a clear vision….
If we make a decision based on our blur vision, without noticing being so individualist in our walk of life, we can crush hearts and hurt souls when we rush to reap the harvest of joy which is just an illusion as the field is barren…but if we to open our hearts, minds and souls…our vision becomes clear and we will began to realize that unveiling the moments with the touch of love and patience, will make us grow in maturity, sincerity and trustworthy…
So, let’s move on and  keep on loving, sharing, forgiving and caring to all those around us, so that we can reap the harvest of joy....touching hearts and souls .. …by God’s will…

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