Saturday, October 6, 2012

The seed of success

The seed of success will only sprout through inspiring hearts, empowering minds and aspiring souls. Success is not for those who have low self esteem who keep losing hope but success is for those who have strong self esteem who keep on trying and moving on with passion and patience. Scoring good grades for English Language examination, speaking fluently, the ability to write effectively will not be a reality for those who do not practice the language. In order to be competence in a language, we cannot  just study to gain knowledge, but we must practice and apply whatever we have learned. The process must be ongoing and constant. The process of improving our listening, speaking, reading and writing skills must be done constantly and not periodically. Success is not an overnight effort, as the seed of success will only grow through time, effort, passion and patience, making us taste the sweetness of success as the seed sprouts, by God's will. 

with my inspiring former Form 4 Amanah/batch 2010 students at SMK SAAS, Kajang, Selangor