Friday, December 12, 2008

My Journey to Islam –



Annecim said...


Nice blog u have there. Keep writing as I really enjoyed reading it. You're very gifted sister, you expressed your thoughts into writings which benefit the readers tremendously.

May Allah (swt) guide you always and give you strength along the way. You are blessed to have such a wonderful family who love and support you. May you attain success in this world and the next InshaAllah.

Annecim said...


Would love to see more poetries written by you or your girls:)

Me said...

Assalam-o-alaikum Sister,
I am a born Muslim,Whenever i read the stories of New Muslims i realize how precious,natural Allah's religion is.Also these stories strenghthen our eeman.
I am in habit of studying human nature,i have studied this special quality in those entering Islam that they were those who make decisions of their life with justice,they don't believe anything they come to know from different sources like media,books,teachings of their parents,teachers,friends until they get truly justified arguments.
I think to be a justice is the must quality for everyone seeking the truth.
Finally i congratulate those newly reverting to Islam on choosing the Right Path of leading the life of this world and i have no doubt if we lead our life as a true Muslim we are going to get peace of mind and cotentment of heart. InshaAllah if we succeded in the exam of life we will meet in the in the gardens of Paradise.
I request you (Author) and every Visitor of this blog specially those blessed people who struggled to find the true religion and embrassed Islam to make dua for me.