Monday, May 19, 2014

beautiful autumn age smile

23th April 2014 at University of Istanbul

The Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture arranged an outing program for us and Talha and Yucel guided us for the short trip… The cool air with the summer heat correlates into a beautiful summer breeze whirling the tulips in the land where beautiful historical places set silently despite the years of the struggle for humanity, morality and most of all for spirituality settings………While walking on the streets in Fatih, Istanbul, with friends from every angle of the world, we reached at University of Istanbul..we saw a group of young ladies gathering to capture the moments in front of the main building..and suddenly from the midst of these young ladies an old women appeared...she was struggling down the steps with her bags..and I told Talha, that lady might need our help, then all of a sudden he ran up the stairs but to our surprise she refused any help, and she smiled beautifully and walked down the stairs with Talha…and she kept on saying something in Turkish as she placed her hand on her chest as we left her…she is a mother, a grandmother…her beautiful heart is reflected through her beautiful autumn age smile..Masha Allah, Allah has beautiful plans for beautiful souls.
The amazing lady we met at the uni

Sharing an amazing extract from Risale-I Nur:
“One time at the start of my old age, desiring solitude, I retired to Yusha Tepesi, Mount Joshua, away up the Istanbul Bosphorus; my spirit was seeking ease in loneliness. One day on that high hill, I gazed around me at the broad horizon, and I cast a glance from the high position of the forty-fifth branch, that is, the forty-fifth year, of the tree of my life to my life’s lower levels. I saw that down on the lower branches each year were the countless corpses of those I had known and had loved, and with whom I had been connected. Feeling a truly piteous sorrow arising from parting and separation, thinking like Fuzuli-i Baghdadî of the friends from whom I was parted, I wept:
As I recall their company I weep,
So long as there is breath in this dry body, I cry out...
I sought a solace, a light, a door leading to hope. Suddenly belief in the Hereafter came to my assistance, shedding an inextinguishable light, offering an indestructible hope.
Yes, my brothers and sisters who are elderly like me! Since there is the Hereafter and it is everlasting, and it is a better world than this; and since the One Who created us is both All-Wise and All-Compassionate; we should not complain and regret our old age. On the contrary, in so far as with old age one reaches perfect maturity through worship and belief, and it is a sign one will be released from the duties of life and depart for the world of mercy in order to rest, we should be happy with it.”
(extracted from The Twenty-Sixth Flash Treatise For The Elderly[This Flash consists of Twenty-Six hopes, lights, and solaces.])