Sunday, August 11, 2013

Clouds of love

I had such a wonderful experience with my beloved children recently on one of our cloudily flight trip over the seas flying abroad. 

As one of the aircraft attendant announced to switch off our handphones and put away our cameras as the plane was about to take off… I could see my lil darling Jehaada beaming like  blooming sunflower…yes, that was the moment she was waiting for…what else as usual, her eyes began to shine as she grabs out of her handbag her DSLR camera..there she goes again…taking the chances to capture the views from the eyes of the plane..

Seeking from the Most Merciful

27th July2013

During one of our recent traveling period  to one of  the Asean destination abroad , we managed to capture the scenes of some youngsters struggling for a living ….their sweaty innocent faces really touches our hearts. Since early in the morning, these little folks flocks around the vehicles  as the traffic flow became stagnant on the streets due to traffic congestion.