Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Walking in God's Light

Watching the beautiful dawn unfolding at Jugra Hills near my home.
On a beautiful hill at the moving coolness of  dawn, a perfect time to contemplate on our imperfectness...I rekindled and reflected on my experience as a revert sister going through intense emotional hardship and stress as God's test for me, i realized that i was actually blind all through out the years of my reversion to Islam.  When i turned my face to Him, He lead me to a spiritual awakening and opened my heart and the healing process begins.

When we our opened hearts, ever seeking Allah's love, mercy and redha on this spiritual journey by God's will, we will go through an amazing experience where no words can heave as we grow in spiritual maturity.One the lessons that i have learned is when we have Allah's love in our hearts..we will have no worries of this worldly affairs..we will not feel the hurt and pains as  when we put Allah in our hearts the amazing healing process brings us serenity and happiness...yes, Allah is all sufficient for us and when He truly becomes our lover, we will have no rooms for another lover..making us lead a gentle, beautiful harmonious and serene life in the realms of Allah's love and light.....Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal Wakeel    Allah is Sufficient for us and (He is) the most excellent Trustee (Q3:173)

May Allah grant us humble hearts filled with His illuminating Light...
With comfort and serenity,