Friday, September 6, 2013

Keep on walking in the Positive Light

 In life we come across different personalities, some healing , some hurting, how we feel about them also differs, it all depend on how we perceive the connection, by feeling through an acceptable and willingness mode through sense of humanity and compassion we may reach the stage when we could accept them all as gifts from above…. There is a common metaphysical assertion that goes like this: “Whatever shows up in your outer world is simply a reflection of whatever you’re holding in your inner world.” which is actually a reflection of our personality..which reveals our real selves…insha Allah

So, let us be a person empowered from within, so that the externals in our life could change without affecting who we really are.Let's choose the positive road so that we'll always be in the positive light as people living in the positive zone are more calm, productive, successful and stress free.