Thursday, July 16, 2015

God's Touch of Mercy...

 Nothing is difficult for God. His command is only, when He wills a thing to be, He says to it "Be!" and it is, (Q36:82)

 Life is beautiful when we Trust that God is in control of everything...

There are times when the going gets tough, never stop, just keep moving with strong Trust in God.

God is in control of everything. We have nothing but His Mercy, we want nothing but His pleasure, we seek nothing but His love.

Intimacy time with Risale i Nur
So, keep moving with efforts and striving to seek His redha in everything that we do  as we hope nothing but His Touch of Mercy... 

Trust in God, He is always with us in running the race of life...He is our Strength, our Hope, our Love.

Nurture a strong hope of God's Mercy...Hope may induce striving and work...and a person will not despair of Divine Mercy- Said Nursi