Saturday, October 10, 2009

Love that shines through

photo taken in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Love that shines through
There are times in life the going gets tough,
Nothing seems to be right, pressure all along the path
Wishing for a ray of hope to glimmer in the pouring rain of trials
But the more we move on, the dimmest light began to fade
Hoping for a ray of love to shimmer in the pouring rain of doubts
To ease the pain, to enlighten the burden,
Believing that love is the solution to ease all the hardship

When our heart is open to the Love of Allah
The light begin to shine along our pathway of life
Bearing all hardship and melting the moments with joy
Bringing happiness and inner tranquility
Believing that
Where there is strong love
There is always endurance....
Where there is true love
There are always blessings....
where there is great love
There are always miracles.....

3.42pm 10/10/09