Saturday, January 24, 2015

Opening our hearts to His light

God is Merciful indeed…He guides whoever He wishes in His Nur.
I was reading again the writings of  non-Muslims’ beautiful thoughts about an outstanding Muslim Turkish thinker. I begin to reflect….no matter how successful you are, how knowledgeable you are, how intelligent you are…you will not be saved if you don’t believe in truth….when a person closes his heart to God’s light, he will stay in the darkness, he will not receive God’s mercy, he will not be saved by the light of belief…
I just met two of my friends, in my work place who have opened their hearts to the light of belief and came to is touching to hear their stories…When a person opens his heart to God’s light, he will receive God’s mercy...and he will be saved with the light of belief.. which is the light of God…
I flashed back, many years ago, how I came to Islam,  how God saved me…. and how recently God tested me being a single mum, how God brought me to Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, how Bediuzzaman Said Nursi saved my belief through Risale I Nur  and Quran which is healing my wounded heart and making me stand again to face the world for the hereafter...
and recently how my youngest daughter said to me “Ummi, I love you, and I want you to know, as long as Allah wishes, I will always be with, you. Ummi you are the strongest woman  I have ever seen in my life, I want to be as strong as you, Ummi….let us together seek Allah’s love ..I love you , Ummi for the sake of Allah..”
Now I have reached the final route of my PhD research journey...As for me, I am weak but God is strong, He is my strength…Thank you Allah for your endless Love and Mercy….
Here is a photo of her taken during our hiking trip to watch the sunset from one of the neighbouring hills near our home at the wetlands….
                                                 THIS IS WHAT LOVE CAN DO!!!
"Women are capable of great heroism."-Ustad Nursi