Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Describe the obstacles that the main character faced.With close reference to the text, how did he or she overcome these obstacles? (Step by Wicked Step)

(a) Based on the novel you have studied, describe the obstacles that the main character faced.With close reference to the text, how did he or she overcome these obstacles?
             Support your answer with close reference to the text.

[15 marks]   (SBP 2013)
Nurin Jazlina binti Ahmad (saujana impian,kajang) Thank you Nurin for your contribution:
I choose the novel “Step by Wicked Step” written by Anne Fine as there are many main characters in the novel who have faced a lot of obstacles in their life. This novel is regarding  five British school children from Stagfire who had arrived ahead of their classmates for a week-long field trip at "haunted' Old Harwick Hall. They found a long-abandoned secret room containing a mysterious journal which uncovered a heart rending story of Richard Clayton Harwick, who runs away from the sinister influence of a loveless stepfather. This discovery made them reveal and share their own engrossing, heart-rending  stories filled with hurting and healing moments.The main characters that I choose is Richard Clayton Harwick because he faced a lot of obstacles in his life and finally managed to overcome them in the midst of sadness.

      One of his obstacles is rejection of love. Richard felt that his love was being rejected by his mother and his sister as his mother never defended him when his cynical stepfather confronted him. His sister never supported him when he gave his opinion. Richard tried to run away from this obstacle by running away from home to work at sea.
       The second obstacle is when his stepfather sent him to Mordanger School. This is because his stepfather wanted to teach him to be good and not rebellious. However in Mordanger School Richard had learned nothing except how to freeze , how to starve and  he was also bullied and beaten. Her mother said that everything his stepfather did was for his own good, so he will grow up strong and manly and be a son whom they can be proud of.
       Later in the novel, Richard could not face the reality when he saw the letter from Charlotte. He realised that he had made bad choices that caused his loved ones pain and sorrow. He  misunderstood that his mother and his sister really loved him. When he run away, his mother spent a lot of money to search for him until her mother’s financial ruin and led to her early death. His sister had to sacrifice herself when she had to marry a rich person whom she did not love. It is because she just wanted the money to search for Richard. He misunderstood his mother,father and sister and he felt unloved all the while until one day he got a news of a will.  When he returned, he realised in grief his father gave all these land of Old Harwick Hall to Richard.
Richard have made a lot of mistake on handling his obstacle. He should think deeply and wisely so that he will not regret. So when we want to handle any obstacle we have to think of our loved ones and we have to make sure that it will not affect people around us.