Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sorrow Prepares us for JOY

Going through emotional  stress, pressure,  tensed moments can be very stressful..but calm down, we just need to pause for a few minutes, and seek God’s help deep from our heart…and Remember God as it can ease our stress…..God knows our pains, He wants us to remember Him..don’t give up, move on with faith…Truly God is with us, He will guide us through…we just need to have Faith and move on in openness and acceptance that God’s test is to bring us nearer to Him.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A beautiful message

I received a beautiful message from a beautiful soul which inspires me each time when I read it making me realize that Allah has beautiful plans for beautiful souls and  Allah beautifies the beautiful souls with the fragrance of roses through His love and mercy….. .

Here is the beautiful message by a Turkish imam which was sent to me on the 3rd of February 2014:
“May Allah always help you. And He will always help you as long as you are at His door knocking and begging. If every single one of His creation rejects you He will never forsake you for He is the Most Merciful Most Loving. Every difficulty He sends your way is to draw you to His Nearness if you endure it bear it lovingly and patiently. This is His way. Do not complain Him to His creation . Build/repair/fix your relationship with Him, then he will give you tranquility and peace in your heart beyond measure even if your physical being was in turmoil and pain. You will be a perfumed garden of roses in your inner although your outer might be going through tribulations of life even being tested  by your closest ones. May Allah open your path…”

with much love and light,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Profound lessons

One of the beautiful but sad hard truth that I have learned since I have  reverted to Islam is people can lose their sense of humanness, humility, compassion, empathy and sensitivity when their hearts are unable to internalize the Islamic morality no matter how EXPERT they claim to be in their field directly or indirectly. And another beautiful sparking truth that I have learned is those who reveal their sense of humanness, humility, compassion, empathy and sensitivity are those who are able to internalize the Islamic morality making themselves the extraordinary amazing beautiful souls who spread the fragrance of roses…Masha Allah... Thank you Allah for the profound lessons of life....

with much love and light,

Monday, March 17, 2014

Beautiful Lesson

I have learned a beautiful lesson today: When Allah grant us something beautiful, it a blessing, but when Allah removes something from us, there is wisdom...Masha Allah..thank you Allah for Your Endless Blessings...

with much love and light,

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beautiful promises

When we focus our heart on our LOVE for Allah,
we will realize that each steps we take leads us to
the doorway of happiness and tranquility...

When Allah test us, it’s normal as humans we seek help from those whom we trust…but not all will stay all the time with us as we go through the process of the trials.
We need not depend on them for healing as in reality Allah is our healer. The healing can only begin when we have deep TRUST in Allah and  strong FAITH in Him.

By moving on our aims to seek His redha,
we will realize that we are actually
walking on the path where Allah is guiding us and His help comes in many beautiful ways through His beautiful promises...
When we are hurt and  have gone astray, He brings us  back to Him and He keeps on giving us blessings...He brings beautiful souls to help us to continue on our short journey of life seeking His love, mercy and redha in each  moment which is bringing us to as spiritual journey to an eternal home filled with His endless Love and amazing Light...................
Thank you Allah for Your Beautiful Blessings...

with much love and light,