Thursday, December 11, 2008

Whispers of the Night

I pounded on the door of mercy as the world slept

And humbling myself before my Creator I wept

Hands raised high and head bowed I knelt

And dejectedly began to lament what I felt

With a torn heart I gave a tongue to my woes and fears

And in great anguish and sorrow I let flow my tears

With poignant emotions raging in me so fierce

I hoped that my prayers would the heavens pierce

Oh Maker of my destiny, Master of my fate I cried

Thou art the only refuge and succour for one so tried

'Tis before Thee alone that I bemoan

Sufferings of mine only to Thee known

Pains and torments that I can no longer bear

Hopes and wishes I can entrust only to Thy care

For 'Tis only the ocean of Thine infinite bounty that sustains all

And only Thy forgiveness that restores those that fall

'Tis to Thee alone Oh Benevolent that I extend my hands in plea

To whom besides Thee can this wretched soul flee

Forgive my sins and grant me my desires Oh Almighty

Reject me not, for nothing can redeem me save Thy mercy

Author: Sh. Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq

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