Monday, January 19, 2009


Friends, for the sake of unity, let`s be forgiving
For the sake of perpetuating love and care, let`s be tolerant
Friends, without love and care and unity, it`s an agony
Let`s together perpetuate love and care and unity
We have been squabbling and disunited for too long
Lots of our affairs have been neglected and unsettled
If love and care among us could be joined again
It would be such a bliss, our strength reunited
We have suffered too long with the lack of unity

That is the love and fear of God, the Master of Universe
There is no other bond or ties except the love for God
Besides God, all other bonds or ties are weak, let us leave them behind
Friends, do not wait too long being disunited
It could not be that there is no way out
It has been said earlier, let us together love God
Loving God is the way out
Friends, we shouldn`t be foe among ourselves
No one would suffer except us Muslims
From now on we should not delay any further
Make God the bond or tie for love and care and unity


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