Monday, January 19, 2009


Every soul yearns for love and care
it’s a natural phenomena
wanting a harmonious life
this is the ultimate happiness

Each soul seeks tender care
longing for protection and respect
human rights shouldn’t be disregarded
transgressors must face justice

Compromise and understanding
are pillars of good living
good reasons and cooperation help endure
a blessed life of togetherness

Where, 0 where on earth
can this be found?
Where, 0 where on earth
can this be seen?

Mankind is crumbling down
hope and trust is disarrayed
by the dark forces of evil desire

Everywhere we see crisis and destruction
war, loss of wealth and life’s oblivion
the poor and the lost gets no attention
the rich, the superpowers terrorise

0 God, you’re our only hope
the Ultimate Protector and Saviour
You’re the Solver of life’s absolution

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