Monday, January 19, 2009


In this modern era, love and care is very precious.
I have searched for it at every nook and corners of the earth.
I have not found it. It has been a long time.
Love and care has been missing among us

Brotherhood, friendship have gone.
Friends do not visit anymore.
Only acquaintances remains.
You are what you are, I am what I am.
Feelings for one another, there are no more.

Going through hardships is a lonely affair, no one to confide with. Confiding becomes a mockery.
No one to share your sufferings with.
Everyone with their own life and misery.
The norm is " No one care for me, why should I care for others!" Relationship with one another is almost non-existent, very uncultured.
Mutual understanding no longer exits in this era.
Oh God! When will the hearts of humans enjoin one another.
For everyone to love and care one another.
Helping, assisting and cooperating with one another.
Enjoying the feeling of togetherness and living in harmony.

9.12.02 Dhuha

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