Monday, January 12, 2009

Teach Us To Love

Love abides in the hearts that knows God
Love grows in the hearts that fears God
And love is strong in the hearts that believes God
O……….Allah teach us to love

God’s love can vanish all worries
God’s love proofs everything
And God’s love can mend a wounded heart
O..........Allah teach us to love

Love is not said in words
For true love needs no words
Love is not said in words
For true love is showed in acts

Teach us to love each other O…..Allah
So that hatred will no longer be here
Bind our hearts with Your Love
For only Your love can bring us together.
Allah’s love is everlasting
For His love can save us in eternity
Lets together love our almighty God.

Lyric: Nur Sakinah Thomas
Composer: Zuhirah Suluki

Thank you ……..sister Zuhirah Suluki from Bermuda Islands/ Somers Isles
for your companionship during your stay in Malaysia. May Allah Bless You!

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