Monday, January 19, 2009


There are various kinds of love, some eternal, some temporary

Some types of love may easily fade away, some not easily faded

Love, a long standing character which could be lost along the journey of life

Every kind of love exits with a reason, some occurs naturally

There are natural love while some are developed

One's love towards or for someone is not similar

There is natural love

Not related to things and material

Like the love of a child towards his parents

Even though the parents are poor, handicapped, with no status, with no good looks

The child would still love and care for his parents

This kind of love would not easily fade away unless the parents are cruel

There is love based on women's beauty, her sexy body

This love is related with sexual desires

When the sexual attraction disappears

e.g. ageing or beauty lost due to an illness or an accident causing physical disabilities

The love disappears, unless the woman has an honourable character

Her love persists due to her character

There is love for the knowledge or intelligence in a person

Fallen in love for his knowledge, then there is automatic love with the person

This love may fade away as well

When his character degraded, the love disappears.

A number of love exist for someone with fame and glamour

Fallen in love with a well known person

This kind of love fades easily as well

If the person is less known due to an illness or loss of self respect

or due to a demotion, the love for him fades away.

Love for wealth in a person is a common occurrence

His wealth is the attraction

This type of love fades easily

When the wealth diminishes or he is stricken with poverty and impoverishment, fades away the love

Some would fall in love in someone for his position and high status accompanying his appointment

Attracted to the status

This kind of love fades away easily as well

Times at the higher position love blossoms, times of demotion, love disappears to nowhere

Also, there are some who are in love in someone for his strength and mightiness

The heart attached to the person

This kind of love is untrue

When crippled or weak due to an illness

Love disappears, the one loved left alone

Majority in the world would fall in love and love those with honourable akhlak (manner)

Generous, loving and caring, being humble, sociable, forgiving, understanding, give and take

Gentleness is his attire, priority to others is his culture plus other kind attributes

Towards this person, everyone falls in love with him

Everybody would be crazy for him, including those with bad habits

Including a non believer

Unless someone with a vengeance

In reality, true and eternal love

Pure and virtuous love unrelated to material things

Love Allah, God in His possession are everything there is

Love not affected by any mishaps

Even though God is invisible to the eye

But His presence felt in the heart

This kind of love achieved only by those with taqwa

Extraordinary love

Those with this love, are unable to describe it.


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