Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Allah’s LOVE is a Divine Gift

Allah’s LOVE is a Divine Gift

It is shown through
Forgiveness, Compassion, Mercy
No words can define it
It’s so complex, so unique, so enigmatic,
Only He comprehends it
It can change dullness
Into beauty and grace
It is selflessness
Giving more than it takes
It’s enduring, patient and kind
It’s faithful, trusting, and truthful
Full of honesty
Ever enduring,
Unconditional ……
It’s beyond man’s conception
And beyond humans love
It can change sorrows
Into joy and tranquility
Only in Allah can love find true perfection,
So, I live my life for Your Divine LOVE O ALLAH,
As Allah is All-Sufficient for me.

~nur sakinah thomas ~
6.06am , 20th December,2008

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