Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Subhan'Allah....a sign of LOVE..........

(the 3rd photo is a rotation of the 2nd photo)
These photos were taken on my birthday last year on the 16th of December 2008, the time was 5.48pm, and i was with my family by the sea side at Melaka, which is at the Western Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, waiting for the sun to set, as I truly love watching the sunset. My children took many photographs as the day began to set. By looking at the sky on that day i felt the joy and serenity overflowing but no words to heave to express the tranquility, ya Allah. After a year, that's today, when we went through the photos, my youngest daughter rotated one of the photos and said: "Subhan'Allah!! Ummi look!! there a sign of LOVE on the sky" .............................Subhan'Allah , that's LOVE, it's there, but we did not notice it, but where there is love, hearts can feel, though eyes can't see.................just like love for Allah.................

"Love for Allah envelopes the heart,
it rules the heart and it even spreads over everything."
~Imam Ghazali~

Mahabbah (love) is a condition which man feels in his heart, too subtle to be expressed in words. This subtle spiritual state leads the worshipper to recognize the greatness of God, instills in him the desire, above all things, to please God, makes him unable to tolerate God’s absence, induces in him constant excitement at the thought of God; he finds no rest without God and feels an intimate comfort in continual thought of Him. Yet the idea of the love of man for God does not imply physical attraction and possession. How could it do so—since the true Infinite is too holy to be fully attained or reached or comprehended. It is more to the point to describe the man who knows mahabbah as being completely lost and overwhelmed in the beloved, than to refer to the relationship as one of possession. If the lover were described as submerged in the beloved, it would be more adequate than if they were described as being together.~Shaykh Abū al-Qāsim al-Qushayrī


el-zahra said...

agungnya kebesaran Allah...
insaflah wahai diri..

Ablacem said...

SubhanAllah Alhamdullillah Allahu Akbar

Signs that shows how Allah (swt) is there for you habibti, watching and loving you and your family always :)