Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Friendship poem

I wrote this poem for my beloved sister, An-necim in Australia,
I love you sister for the sake of Allah

A Letter from an Angel

I find this tears dropping poem very touching.
I wish to thank my brother Abdel Ghani from Morocco
for willing to share his poem with all of us.
May Allah reward his kindness
and may Allah grant him a successful life
in this world and in the Hereafter.

Abdel said: "I wrote this poem after a long moment of deep sadness that led me to see beyond the apparent image. Allah is the Most-Patient because He sees the whole scene, subhanahu wa ta'ala."

Here is his touching poem................

I am sorry mother
But you should be smiling
I'm just leaving my body
And raising high
It is no pain, I assure
The veil was broken and I can see what you can't
I can see a path of light
Tracking my way up to my throne
I can see angels celebrating my coming
As you did when I was born
I can see every moment
Of my short life with you
I catch a sight of the day I came to the world
All of you tthought I was a miracle
Born in a fully destroyed hospital
At home, cakes and drinks were being served
And the light of joy was on every face
My father welcomed congratulations
He was shy to take all the presents
And you, my beloved, were tired
Lying beside me on the same bed
You could hardly open your eyes
But I saw your dreams could set fires
You wanted me to become a nurse
And heal my brothers when they're wounded by the jews
I caught your warm smile
When you thought of me as a bride
Your eyes already filled with pride
You wanted to see me in white
Sweet and blossoming like a lilac
And you wanted to give my hand
To a God-wary gentleman
You wanted to see my offsprings
Joining link with my family tree of martyrs

You dreamed of all that and more
But dreams can be real as can be not
Now I've left my corpse
To a world brighter than yours
On high, I can't see fearsome soldiers
Sowing terror through their guns and hateful expressions
I can't see those greedy liars
Who adorn their smiles
While selling us to devils
None on high is so foolish
To fix a bullet onto an infant head
None on high will bask in glory
For my people's hunger and misery
Where shall they go
When the sky breaks apart
When the little buried one will be asked
For what fault she was killed??
They'll have no shelter from the wrath of Justice

Now I'm bidding you farewell
May we meet on high
In the house of tranquility and peace
Light and joy that never cease
So shouldn't you be smiling, my beloved?
Please, don't cry, mum!
Don't cry!!!!

Author: Abdel Ghani Dabbar, Morocco