Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spice of life- Sharing the same interest

my beloved children

I thank Allah for giving me bright children with different interest and abilities.... entering university in their teenage years, my son doing his first degree in pure chemistry in USM, my identical twin daughters, first degree in science horticulture in UPM, and accountancy in UUM and my youngest daughter who is still schooling is interested in language and writing just like me! As mother we want the best for our children, but sometimes we need to give them some room to move, to explore, to discover their own interest, but we have to guide them on their road to success and make sure it is in line in seeking Allah’s pleasure. Bringing up my children especially during their teenage and adolescent years is not an easy task for me , sometimes it’s enjoyable, sometimes it’s not smooth and the going gets tough....but...I love each moment of I put LOVE as an important ingredient in my family life. Children are Allah’s gift, our responsibility to bring them up as true Muslims. Love them, cherish each moment with them, talk, laugh, smile and cry with them, hug and kiss them.....and the most important thing let them grow in LOVE so that they can discover on their journey of life the essence of Allah’s love and parents love.

My youngest daughter’s, who is 14 years this year, has a great passion to write and she is good at creative arts too. Recently she showed me her first article which was published in her school magazine. Alhamdulillah,the editorial board in her school was touched with her work and it was selected although there were many other contributions from the senior students. I felt that I am seeing a reflection of me in her, as my first article was also published in a school magazine when I was 14! That was years ago! She has started writing with her creative mind. Alhamdullilah. Well done my dear, mum will always pray for your success dunia akhirat!!!! I always tell my daughter that in order to be a writer who can touch the lives of others; we must open the door of discovering of our inner self, explore and grow in passion to write no matter what happens. The most important thing is our intention not to seek human admiration but write to make ourselves and others closer to Allah for the sake of our love for Allah and His Prophet (pbuh)…………..

The Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) attitude towards children is an example for us to treat and treasure our sons and daughters justly at all times:
“Fear Allah and treat your children [small or grown] fairly (with equal justice).” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)