Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Abu Huraira had a wonderful attitude with the Prophet, peace be upon him. His mother was not a Muslim, and she refused to embrace Islam.

However, he never stopped asking her to follow Allah. Each time he went to talk to her about Islam, she replied very harshly.

So once when he went to her, she said very bad things about the Prophet, peace be upon him, and insulted him. He went to the Prophet, peace be upon him, crying. The Prophet, pbuh, asked him what was wrong.

"My mother, Allah's messenger, refuses Islam. And I asked her today to embrace Islam, and she said words about you which I hate. So pray to Allah, Allah's messenger, to guide my mother." ...

The Prophet pbuh raised his hands to the sky and said: "O Allah! Guide Abu Huraira's mother. O Allah! Guide Abu Huraira's mother!"

He said: "I left the Prophet pbuh, and returned to my home while I was cheerful by his invocation, until I reached home. My mother heard my footsteps.

Before I knocked on the door, she said: "Abu huraira, stay in your place"

I was afraid, so I stopped. So she opened the door and said: "Abu Huraira. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah."

So I returned to the Prophet, crying again.

I said: "rejoice Allah's messenger! Allah has accepted for your prayer!"

The Prophet pbuh sat down, thanking Allah. So when Abu Huraira found that the Prophet?s prayers are being accepted, he asked him for another prayer!

So he asked the Prophet pbuh, peace be upon him, to pray for him and his mother, that all believers love them and that they love all believers.

So the Prophet pbuh raised his hands to the sky and said: "O Allah! Make the believers love this servant, and make him love the believers".

Abu huraira said: "So every believer who heard about me, even if he didn't meet me until the Day of Judgment, loved me".

source: ikhwan insight


Suaid Ibn Ghaflah said: Ali Bin Abi Taalib(May Allah be pleased with him) became hungry one day and in need of food.

Therefore, he asked Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with her) to go to her father, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) to ask him for food.

So she went to her father, and Umm Ayman (May Allah be pleased with her) was there at the time. Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with her) knocked on the door..

The prophet (Peace be upon him) told Umm Ayman (May Allah be pleased with her): "Indeed this is the knocking of Fatimah, and she has come at a time which she does not regularly come in".

When Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with her) entered upon the prophet (Peace be upon him), she said: "O Prophet of Allah, the food of the angels is tahleel (Saying La Ilaha Illa Allah), tasbeeh (Saying Subhan Allah) and tahmeed (saying Alhamdulillah), so what is our food?"

He replied: "I swear by him who has sent me with the truth that a fire has not been lit in my house for thirty days! And we have received some goats, so if you will, I'll order for you five goats, and if you will, I will teach you five words which Jabriel (Peace be upon him) has taught me".

She said: "Teach me the words which Jabriel (Peace be upon him) has taught you".

He said: "Say: O Allah you are the first of the first, O Allah you are the last of the last, O Allah you are the lord of unbreakable might, O Allah you are the one who has mercy on the poor, O Allah you are the most merciful of the merciful".

Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with her) said: So I left and entered upon Ali, in which he asked: "What happened?"

She replied:"I left you for dunya (the worldy life) and I came back with akhira (the hereafter).

Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) said: "This is the best of your days"

source: ikhwan insight


A man once came to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) carrying with him his belongings and a box.

He said, "O Prophet! While I was passing through a jungle, I heard the voice of some bird's babies. I took them and put them in this box. The moment I did that, their mother came fluttering round my head."

And the Prophet said, "Put them down".

When the man put the box on the ground, the mother of the young birds joined them.

Seeing this, the Prophet asked the man who now had a look of surprise on his face, "Are you surprised by the affection of the mother towards her young?

I swear by Him (Almighty Allah) who has sent me, surely, God is more loving to his servants than the mother to these young birds. Return these baby birds to the place from where you took them, and let their mother be with them."

"Fear God with regard to animals", said the Prophet, "ride them when they are fit to be ridden, and get off their backs when they are tired; surely, there are rewards for being kind and gentle to animals, and for giving them water to drink."

source:ikhwan insight