Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Reason, A Season or a Lifetime……………

I modified a few phrases of motivational quotes on a reason, a season or a lifetime friendship from a unknown author into a friendship poem for all my beloved sisters....

A Reason, A Season or a Lifetime……………

If someone comes into your life for a REASON,
They will guide you, support you, and aid you
Emotionally, physically and most of all spiritually
But without any shortcomings on your part
They will bring the relationship to an end

If someone comes into your life for a SEASON,
Your time has come to learn, to grow, to share
They will give you the peace, the joy, the lessons of life
But they come only for a while
As they are for a season

If someone comes into your life for LIFETIME relationship
You will have a secure foundation
Build with joys and sorrows shared together
With love and care build on solid foundation
Sharing and forgiving no matter what happens
But most of all, loving one another for Allah
Together …….being lovers of Allah………..
Thank you so much for being a part of my life,
Whether you are a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME…………..

~nur sakinah thomas~
~ November 2008~

Remember Just Remember ~Anonymous

When things are down
And you are out of your mind
Remember just remember

Allah is The Kind.
When your life is in darkness
And nothing is right
Remember just remember

Through the darkness Allah is The Light.
When nothing makes sense
And your heading for demise
Remember just remember

It doesn't make sense, but Allah is The Wise.
When times are troubled
And no one seems to care
Remember just remember

Allah won't hurt you, He is The Fair.
When your heart is breaking
And your pain makes you fall
Remember just remember

Allah Sees it all.
When you are weak
And the road seems long
Remember just remember

Seek strength from The Strong.
When life is a burden
And everything is unstable
Remember just remember

Allah is The Able.
When the way is cloudy
And there is no one by your side
Remember just remember

Allah is The Only Guide.
When no one wants to listen
Or is willing to lend an ear
Remember just remember

Allah is always ready to hear.
When you are poor and penniless
And you are stuck in a niche
Remember just remember

Allah is The Rich.
When you are down in your misery
And there is nowhere to run
Remember just remember

You can always run to The One.
When your all alone
And your pain has no end
Remember just remember

Allah is your Friend.
And when your scars are hurting
And your heart is in fear
Remember just remember

Allah is really here.

Four things that most people believe in but their actions belie.

Shaqique Ibne Ibrahim rahmatullahi alayh says: People seem to agree with me when they say that they believe in four things, but their actions belie what they claim to believe:-
1 They say that they are slaves (bondsmen) of Allah Ta’ala, but their actions betray that they regard themselves to be freemen;

2 They say that Allah Ta’ala has taken upon Himself the responsibility to give us our sustenance, but they never rest content until they hoard enough of worldly provisions;
3 They say that akhirah (Hereafter) is preferable to this world, but they are ever engaged in amassing wealth, and are least concerned about akhirah.

4 They say that death is inevitable, but they are absorbed in worldly activities as though they were to live here forever.

(Tanbeehul Ghaafileen)

- Entering into conversations : Imam Shafie -

There are four types of people in this world who enter a conversation/ discussion:

1. One who knows not, and himself knows he knows not, is a student. Teach that person.

2. One who knows, and others know he knows, is a teacher. Learn from that person.

3. One who knows, and himself knows not that he knows, is humble. Encourage him.

4. One who knows not, and himself knows not that he knows not, is stupid. Avoid that person. *

In any dialogue keep these in mind, and you shall be guided to productive discourses.

[* refers to a person who himself thinks he knows, but does not know that he does not know - usually due to arrogance mixed with ignorance.]