Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Living in the light of true friendship

Living in the light of true friendship is a blessed relationship as its filled with love, joy and solace. To sustain a strong friendship and making it glow can be maintained by practicing classical traditional views of maintaing good reationship  In classical traditional views, friendship based on utility and pleasure will not survive, it will be stagnant, hurtful, one-sided or may even cause harm than good but friendship based on goodness is lasting as it has enduring quality. Thus, when friends possess the good attributes, the friendship survives as it is based on goodness which has love & purity, with lasting & enduring quality. However we all know that a deep sustaining, timeless friendship is really, really rare…as it’s a friendship for the sake of God which abides in purity and sealed with modesty…

The route of friendship is full of challenges…there might be a ripple in the ocean or storm at mid night that darkens our days or sometimes a warming sunshine or  a colourful rainbow that brightens our days.  In preserving a friendship, we need gentleness, as it can motivate us for self development,full of thoughfulness, magnanimous and empathy then it can heal the hurt of harshness. Our actions, reactions, thoughts, speech, writings, can reveal our personality....truly a friendship that grows through hurt only bleeds but the best part is it heals when we seek solace in God's love... "The wound is the place where the Light enters you." ~ Rumi

Maintaining a friendship in God’s pure love and light can bloom the light of true friendship …as where there is true love there is patience, forgiveness, mildness, good thoughts, and all the goodness we seek in an everlasting friendship….that is the true beauty of a true friendship that grows in God's Love and Light….
with much love and light,