Monday, January 25, 2010

The Fruits of Fear:

Imam Ghazali (May Allah have mercy on him) said:
‘Fear rips away desires and muddens luxuries so that cherished sins become reprehensible, just as a honey lover is repelled by it when he learns that it has poison in it. This is how fear burns desires; disciplines the organs; subordinates the heart and gives it tranquility. It also enables the heart to rid itself of pride, hatred, and envy; and it leaves it absorbed in it (fear). Hence, the heart becomes preoccupied with its own worries and looks towards its best interest in the long run. It is then engaged in only matters like meditation, self-analysis and struggle. It cherishes its time and moments.’
[Ihya: 4/160]

A home filled with barakah

A home filled with barakah is a home filled with love, happiness and serenity, embroidered with responsibility and empathy, furnished with honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness.......creating a blissful atmosphere overflowing to the community around..........

May Allah grant us the ability to make our love strong, true and great
as where there is strong love, there is always endurance
where there is true love there are always blessings
where there is great love there are always miracles………………
making our homes filled with barakah, inshaAllah……..

Allah (SWT) says, “And Allah has made for you in your homes an abode.” (Surah Al Nahl: 80)

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with love and du'as always,