Monday, September 20, 2010

“Heal my wounds with Thy Love”

(sunset photo captured recently from heartoheart at putra jaya, malaysia)

Do make me savor, O my Savior
The ornament Thou slash my chest
To soothe and solace my heart
And free my soul from spree,
Thy kiss breaks the spell of sweet slumber,
The pain not in vain as You heal,
On Your loyal alter my deepest wound being healed,
From wintriness to warmness I reach Your feet
Solace in Thy love do I feel,
I a slave Thou knowth best how to heal!

To reach the stage of loving God the most is our ultimate aim, but the journey to attain the stage is a road least taken and endured…….less appreciated and craved for… as it promises not roses but thorns….As we travel on the pathway of life to seek the true love, light and serenity ….from  hurt to heal….from sorrow to joy ….from tensed to solace....we’ll reach a spritual threshold when our wounds will be healed  by His Love…………..