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Trials and Tribulations : Wisdom and Benefits

1.      When a trial befalls you, realize the greatness of Allah
2.      When a trial befalls you, actualize the sincerity for Allah -There is no way to remove hardships except to turn to Allah “If Allah touch thee with affliction, none can remove it but He; if He touch thee with happiness, He hath power over all things.” (Al-Quran, 6:17)
3.      When a trial befalls you, return back to Allah -“When some trouble touches man he cries unto his Lord, turning to Him in repentance” (Al-Quran, 39:8)
4.      When a trial befalls you, don’t get angry, Control your anger. -“So We gave him the good news of a boy ready to suffer and forbear.” (Al-Quran, 37:101) -The Prophet (PBUH) said to Ashaj Abdul Qais, “You have to qualities that Allah loves, for bearing and deliberation” (Sahih Of Imam Muslim)
5.      Forgive the human who caused the trial/tribulation. -Allah says in the Quran “The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto (in degree): but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is with Allah: for (Allah) loves not those who do wrong.” (Al-Quran, 42:40)
6.      Be patient and steadfast when trials come, because Allah loves the one who is patient. -Allah says in the Quran “And Allâh loves As-Sâbirun (the patient)” (Al-Quran, 3:146) -Allah farther states “Those who patiently persevere will truly receive a reward without measure!" (Al-Quran, 39:10)
7.      Be happy when the trial comes to you. -The prophet (PBUH) said “By the one whose hand is my soul, they would show joy on the onset of a calamity, as you show joy at time of ease” [Ibn majah, 424 : hakim ,119 : Authanticated by Al-Basni)
-Ibn Masud Said “Truly amazing are the two detested ones: death and poverty. They showed joy at the onset of a calamity because they knew full well that there in comparison between it's hardship and it's fruit and benefits. This situation is comparable to one who is cured from severe illness after drinking foul medicine”
8.      Know that hardship erases sins. -Allah Says in the Quran “Whatever misfortune happens to you, is because of the things your hands have wrought, and for many (of them) He grants forgiveness.” (Al-Quran, 42:30) -The prophet (PBUH) said, “The believer is not afflicted with illness or hardship even if it be worry that troubles him or a thorn him except that his sins would be expiated as a result of it” (Sahih of Imam Bukhair)
9.      Be nice to people that are going through trials. -A poet once said “The only one to show mercy upon the lovers is one who has loved”
10.  Understand the blessings of ease, because you only understand it when you loose it.
11.  Realize the hidden benefits that a trial contains. -Allah says in the Quran “O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will, and you should not treat them with harshness, that you may take away part of the Mahr[] you have given them, unless they commit open illegal sexual intercourse. And live with them honourably. If you dislike them, it may be that you dislike a thing and Allâh brings through it a great deal of good.” (Al-Quran 4:19)
12.  Trial and tribulation protects one from arrogance. -when you are hit by a trial you realize how low you are. Allah says in the Quran,” And if Allah were to enlarge the provision for His slaves, they would surely rebel in the earth, but He sends down by measure as He wills. Verily! He is in respect of His slaves, the Well-Aware, the All-Seer (of things that benefit them).” (Al-Quran 42:27)
13.  Who are we not to get tested? -The prophet (PBUH) said “The example of a believer is like of a plant, the wind is always making it lean in one direction and then another, in the same way the believer is always afflicted with trials” (Sahih of Imam Bukhari)
14.  Hardship cause one to turn toward Allah and ease turns one away from Allah -this was the reason why the Sahabas wore modest clothing and ate little.
15.  Be content with the trial because this will lead to Allah’s pleasure, which is much batter then paradise and whatever it contains.
-“Allâh has promised the believers -men and women, - Gardens under which rivers flow to dwell therein forever, and beautiful mansions in Gardens of 'Adn (Eden Paradise). But the greatest bliss is the Good Pleasure of Allâh. That is the supreme success.” (Al-Quran 9:72)

Summarized from:
Trials and Tribulations : Wisdom and Benefits
By: al Imam al Izz bin Abdus Salam
Summary by: Brother Abdul Wahid Al-Basith

Characteristics of a Successful Muslim - Yahya ibn Mu`adh al-Razi

In the Name of Allah, the Benevolent, the Merciful
Yahya ibn Mu`adh al-Razi (Allah have mercy upon him), one of the great imams of the spiritual path from the early Muslims (salaf), said:

“Glad tidings be to a servant who has:
1. Made their occupation worship (`ibada);
2. Neediness (faqr) their longing;
3. Spiritual seclusion (`uzla) their desire;
4. The Hereafter their concern;
5. Seeking a living their means [f: rather than an end in itself];
6. Death their reflection (fikr);
7. Their intention busy with renunciation (zuhd);
8. Killed through abasement (dhull) their self-consequence (`izz);
9. Making their Lord their sole need;
10. Remembering their errors in their solitude (khalwa);
11. Sending forth in ecstasy their contemplation;
12. Complaining only to Allah regarding their strangeness (ghurba);
13. And asking through repentance for Allah’s Mercy.

Glad tidings be to one for whom these are their traits; whose regret is over their sins; ever-yearning in need by night and day; weeping before Allah in the depths of the night; calling upon the All-Merciful; seeking the Gardens of Paradise; and fearing the Fires of Hell.” [Related by Abu Nu`aym, Hilyat al-Awliya, 10.58]