Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Describing how the main character managed to raise awareness to the readers in The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Question: Reading a novel will leave the awareness to the readers. Based on the novel you have studied, describe how the main character managed to raise awareness?

Based on the novel, The Pearl by John Steinbeck, the main character who managed to raise awareness to the readers is Kino. Kino, is a poor Mexican Indian pearl fisher who lives with his wife, Juana and their baby, managed to raise awareness  by being a memorable, determined and remorseful character. Kino managed to be a memorable character as he reveals a very dramatic characterization from being a very loving and caring father, he changed into a very aggressive person due to the pearl he found. 

Kino, took all the effort to dive into the sea after Coyotito, their baby was stung by a scorpion.  Being a poor pearl diver who strives for a hard life made Kino’s character a touching one.  He managed to find a big, beautiful pearl of the world, but unfortunately his dreams of leading a better life lead only to tragedy. He was cheated by the pearl buyer, attacked by the attackers and followed by the trackers. His personality changed as the pearl stayed longer in his hands,
as through his hands he used a knife to open the shell to get the pearl, his greed and obssesion of the pearl also grow as he grasp it very tightly with his hands, he punch his hands on the gate when the doctor refuses to treat Coyotito from the scorpion bite, using his hands also he struck Juana’s face when she tried to throw away the pearl which cause evilness, and using his hands again he killed the attackers and trackers..to protect the pearl and finally he threw the pearl into the sea when Coyotito was accidently shot. 

Kino also revealed his great determination after finding the pearl, he tried to sell it to the pearl buyers but they offered him a very low price. Although he is uneducated, he could feel and have the sense that the pearl is valuable, so he planned to sell it at another town. Even when his hut is burnt down and canoe damaged by those who tried to get his pearl, Kino’s spirit did not melt down, infact he became more energetic and tried to flee to another town with Juana and their baby, Coyotito, as Kino confesses that the pearl has become his soul and he could not  lose his soul.They  headed toward Loreto with the hope to sell the pearl there with a good price. However, Kino faced great hardship again at the mountain as the trackers are following them.  Kino tread the dry land and towards mountains over bare stone again. He did not let go the pearl which has caused evilness to his family even when Juana plead him to let go the pearl. His strong determination has caused misery to Juana and Coyotito too as they had to survive in a very harsh enviroment in the mountains.

 Towards the end of the story the awareness  from Kino’s character is revealed when he became remorseful. When Coyotito, their baby was accidently shot by one of the trackers, Kino begin to regain his sanity, but at a terrible price as he lost his loving son all because of his obsession of the pearl. He became remorseful when he realized that his baby is more precious that the pearl. Finally, he walked with Juana holding their dead baby toward  the sea before returning to their village. He throw the pearl back into the sea as though he is throwing away all his dreams forever. Hence, Kino has raise awareness to the reader by being a memorable , determined and remorseful character  in this  very sad, soul touching story  as it creates the awareness that deep passion  can cause one to behave unexpectedly or  in an extraordinary way that can finally cause misery in life.