Sunday, August 11, 2013

Clouds of love

I had such a wonderful experience with my beloved children recently on one of our cloudily flight trip over the seas flying abroad. 

As one of the aircraft attendant announced to switch off our handphones and put away our cameras as the plane was about to take off… I could see my lil darling Jehaada beaming like  blooming sunflower…yes, that was the moment she was waiting for…what else as usual, her eyes began to shine as she grabs out of her handbag her DSLR camera..there she goes again…taking the chances to capture the views from the eyes of the plane..

Feel like in a world surrounded by comfort clouds of love..its so amazing watching Allah's beautiful art of love filled with serenity and joy...

How wonderful would life be if we get a chance flying over the clouds into a nowhere land, where there’s no hatred, no tears, no sorrows and no darkness…..into a land filled with love, joy, serenity and light….

Watching the beautiful amazing folds of clouds, I could feel the amazing floats of serenity flowing into my heart through my loved ones’ loving support:

"Your love lifts my soul from the body to the sky
And you lift me up out of the two worlds.
I want your sun to reach my raindrops,
So your heart can raise my soul upward like a cloud." ~Maulana Rumi

Thank you Allah for Your Endless Blessings.......

All the photos captured by my lil darling...from her eyes, through the plane's eyes...on July 2013

Seek refuge in Allah “…Flee unto Allah…” Surah Ath-Thaariyaat 51:50
When we seek refuge in Allah, we will forever be in His comfort zone...

Ya Allah, build for us a home with You in Jannah.

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Nur lindah said...

Assallamulaikum dear sister,

This is beautiful.
I like to take pictures of the sky too.
Allah's great creation always no two are the same.