Wednesday, December 31, 2014

…and above the sky, the sun is awake..

The smiling tulips which greeted me at Istanbul were gone in the winds..the summer sessions never promise us endless warmest nights..the winter brought the snowing night flacks with white hopes in the darkest night,  but the worldly days never shared  lasting sweet promises just focus on our love for Allah, our aims are for the hereafter…so…just move on, TRUST  in His promises, because ABOVE THE SKY, THE SUN IS AWAKE….


At Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture,
31st December, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stay strong in the storm

Risale I Nur, The Words page :403
Watching  Double rainbow at dusk..Masha Allah
When the light of love for the sake of Allah fades from one's heart, their mercy and compassion fades away too..but we should keep on moving, and when it hurts, run to Allah… with hope and faith, don't let their change of personality change your own personality, so keep on smiling and be the sun that warms hearts, be the rainbow that colours souls & be the stars that empowers minds. Holding on to Allah all the time can make us strong….we have gone through the hard way painfully but Allah brought us back to Him in a beautiful way…so what else do we want when we have Him as our true lover… making us stay strong in the storm and feel serene in His light of Love.

And a message for my darling children, we will always stay strong for each other, mum will always  du'a  that Allah will build a home for us with Him in Jannah, so my darlings dry your tears, there is a beautiful world ahead of us....

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Women are capable of great heroism.

Sharing a  beautiful advice from a beautiful soul as an inspiration for me and all my sisters, who are striving as strong and compassionate mothers, working and studying, living and striving in the name of Allah to seek His love, Mercy and Pleasure.

It's taken from a beautiful extract from "A conversation with women,my blessed sisters of the hereafter" by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi...

"The self-sacrifice that goes with compassion wants nothing in return and expresses true sincerity, and so is of the greatest importance at this time. Yes, the fact that wanting nothing in return, a mother will sacrifice her life to save her young from danger, as the demand of her nature and with true sincerity, shows that women are capable of great heroism. Through developing this heroism, they may save their lives both in this world and in the hereafter."

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beautiful moments in His Light

In life the most beautiful moments are when our hearts have only Allah to talk to.
From Risale i Nur
That’s the beautiful and illuminating moments; in His Light we find Love, in His Love we find Compassion and in His Compassion we find Mercy. By focusing on Allah’s light with faith and belief, then only the challenges and obstacles in our life can make us grow in maturity as we are able to go through them with patience and wisdom, and then only the criticism and discouragement can make us stronger as we are able to go through them with determination and courage; that’s the most beautiful moments.
So, keep up the tiny beautiful qualities in our hearts, minds and souls, keep growing by keep illuminating and keep blooming, never, never, never let others make us change our personalities and disrupt our beautiful moments, so be thankful and grateful to God for His endless Blessings of His Everlasting Light.

“That which God said to the rose,
and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty, He said to my heart,and made it a hundred times more beautiful.''- Maulana Rumi

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nourishing our souls with Risale-i Nur

At Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture

It’s a very beautiful experience being in the light of Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, its like entering a secret garden where the beauty, fragrance and tranquility of the garden can only be reached and tasted through the reading and practicing of Risale I Nur from heart to heart..a beautiful journey of the soul..
In a garden at Istanbul during spring time

The seeds of Nur are sown in the garden of our soul, so nourish our own soul with full trust in God, with great effort and reliance on God, instead of waiting for someone to bring the nourishment for our soul. Reading and practicing Risale I Nur can heal and nourish our souls with God’s Compassion and Mercy, so we should always continuously  give in God’s name, take in God’s name, begin in God’s name, and act in God’s name, as God’s Nur will nourish us and God's guidance, Compassion and  Mercy will come through many beautiful amazing ways which are through amazing sincere helping souls, through bittersweet life's experiences, through God's  Endless blessings and insightful wisdom, when we live in the breadth and depth of God’s Compassion and Mercy.  Thus, if the seeds are unattended, our hearts, minds and souls will grow weeds, but if  the seeds are attended, our hearts, minds and souls will be a beautiful garden of fragrant roses and amazing flowers…Masha Allah
  O God! Illuminate our hearts with the light of belief and the Qur'an. 
O God! Enrich us with the need of You and do not impoverish us with the lack of need of You. Make us free of our own strength and power, and cause us to take refuge in Your strength and power. Appoint us among those who place their trust in You, and do not entrust us to ourselves. Protect us with Your protection. Have mercy on us and have mercy on all believing men and women. And grant blessings and peace to our Master Muhammad, Your Servant and Prophet, Your Friend and Beloved, the Beauty of Your Dominion and the Sovereign of Your Art, the Essence of Your Favour and the Sun of Your Guidance, the Tongue of Your Proof and the Exemplar of Your Mercy, the Light of Your Creation and the Glory of Your Creatures, the Lamp of Your Unity in the Multiplicity of Your Creatures and the Discloser of the Talisman of Your Beings, the Herald of the Sovereignty of Your Dominicality and the Announcer of those things pleasing to You, the Proclaimer of the Treasuries of Your Names and the Instructor of Your Servants, the Interpreter of Your Signs and the Mirror of the Beauty of Your Dominicality, the Means of witnessing You and bearing witness to You, Your Beloved and Your Messenger whom You sent as a Mercy to All the Worlds, and to all his Family and Companions, and to his brothers among the prophets and messengers, and to Your angels and to the righteous among Your servants. AMEN. – Ustad Bediuzzaman Said Nursi