Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reflection of the Rose's Beauty

The rough sea  waves were hard and the cool air was silent at Bosphorus, Istanbul, when I met this amazing mum who was selling flowers to support her children. Its heartbreaking watching her walk up and down searching for a glimpse of hope  and a ray of mercy...What really impressed me was she kept on smiling even when people ignored her....her worn off clothes and shoes never stopped her from selling the roses...I am truly inspired...masha Allah..she has trust in God...God has love for those who put their trust in Him. (Qur'an 3:159)
This mum clutched the stalks of roses, her palm was bleeding but her heart has faith in God, her expectation is on God not human, the basket of roses filled with roses, as I walked beside her, I could sense the fragrance of roses...and it reminds me of one of Maulana Rumi's poems which is one of my favorite: "That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty, He said to my heart, and made it hundred times more beautiful."
 Farid ad-Din Attar (d. 1230), one of the greatest Sufi mystic poets of all time, wrote in  The Rose Garden: In the rose bed, mystery glows. The secret is hidden in the rose.
The Quran honors the red rose by mentioning only it out of all flowers: When the sky is torn apart, so it was (like) a red rose like ointment. Then which of your Lords favors will you deny? (55:37-38).
"Nursi draws attention to the nightingale and its songs for the roses. According to Nursi, the nightingale, just like the angels, do not understand the meaning of their song, but we can understand. .......The nightingale's sorrowful song is not a complaint arising from animal grief, it is thanks in return for the gifts of the Most Merciful, which is the delight of gazing on the smiling, beautiful roses....The nightingale, its relation with the rose, and its songs is also one of the examples of Jaziri for the spiritual love and glorification of God by the creatures.  Although the substance of the nightingale's essence is the rose, he says, the brightness of the rose comes from the nightingale's sincere love and loyalty. It is not only the nightingale that demonstrates its feelings. The love, praise, and enthusiasm of other beings in general are like another nightingale joining the nightingale in singing. But Jaziri admits that they make him amazed by representing the deepest love to the rose, which symbolizes the beauty of God. However, some other creatures are not aware of the value of the rose; they lack the capacity and consciousness for that." ¬Exploring the Spiritual Dimensions of Nature -Ahmed i Jiziri and Said Nursi, ..M. Sait Ozervarli.

The rose is a beautiful flower, a beautiful creation of Allah, spreading beautiful fragrance, from its beautiful heart and  reflecting a beautiful message that only can be felt by the beautiful souls....Masha Allah...May Allah grant us beautiful souls.....

Friday, May 23, 2014

Learn to Give…….

The air was cold on a Sunday evening, at dusk as I was walking down the streets on the outskirts of Fatih with my Turkish friend, Yasmeen. There are many amazing food displayed, sold and eaten and Masha Allah… the aroma but  I noticed those statements are for those affordable ones as for the ones who are struggling for survival, food seems to be very very precious.. I saw a group of young Syrians gathering near the waste bin, and a young girl took an ice-cream cone's paper and tried to put her fingertip in it to get the left over messy melted chocolate inside it…on another corner a young mum walking with her young kids , all looking very hungry and exhausted, when she passed by the restaurants she tried to walk as fast as possible and her face looked so worried, nobody knows her true story…. While walking behind the shops, I could see groups of families returning to their illegal settlements and most of them were empty handed…… Its really heart-breaking to watch this scenes.. may Allah grant them the patience…living in the midst of the cold hearts… and May Allah grant them the ability to meet  warm hearts like this amazing Turkish bakery owner….If everyone can learn to give like him, life will be beautiful …Masha Allah.. there exist this warm generation shedding their compassion and light of mercy to those in need...May Allah reward these beautiful hearts..

I learned to GIVE not because I have many, but because I know exactly how it feels to have NOTHING.....

Monday, May 19, 2014

beautiful autumn age smile

23th April 2014 at University of Istanbul

The Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture arranged an outing program for us and Talha and Yucel guided us for the short trip… The cool air with the summer heat correlates into a beautiful summer breeze whirling the tulips in the land where beautiful historical places set silently despite the years of the struggle for humanity, morality and most of all for spirituality settings………While walking on the streets in Fatih, Istanbul, with friends from every angle of the world, we reached at University of Istanbul..we saw a group of young ladies gathering to capture the moments in front of the main building..and suddenly from the midst of these young ladies an old women appeared...she was struggling down the steps with her bags..and I told Talha, that lady might need our help, then all of a sudden he ran up the stairs but to our surprise she refused any help, and she smiled beautifully and walked down the stairs with Talha…and she kept on saying something in Turkish as she placed her hand on her chest as we left her…she is a mother, a grandmother…her beautiful heart is reflected through her beautiful autumn age smile..Masha Allah, Allah has beautiful plans for beautiful souls.
The amazing lady we met at the uni

Sharing an amazing extract from Risale-I Nur:
“One time at the start of my old age, desiring solitude, I retired to Yusha Tepesi, Mount Joshua, away up the Istanbul Bosphorus; my spirit was seeking ease in loneliness. One day on that high hill, I gazed around me at the broad horizon, and I cast a glance from the high position of the forty-fifth branch, that is, the forty-fifth year, of the tree of my life to my life’s lower levels. I saw that down on the lower branches each year were the countless corpses of those I had known and had loved, and with whom I had been connected. Feeling a truly piteous sorrow arising from parting and separation, thinking like Fuzuli-i Baghdadî of the friends from whom I was parted, I wept:
As I recall their company I weep,
So long as there is breath in this dry body, I cry out...
I sought a solace, a light, a door leading to hope. Suddenly belief in the Hereafter came to my assistance, shedding an inextinguishable light, offering an indestructible hope.
Yes, my brothers and sisters who are elderly like me! Since there is the Hereafter and it is everlasting, and it is a better world than this; and since the One Who created us is both All-Wise and All-Compassionate; we should not complain and regret our old age. On the contrary, in so far as with old age one reaches perfect maturity through worship and belief, and it is a sign one will be released from the duties of life and depart for the world of mercy in order to rest, we should be happy with it.”
(extracted from The Twenty-Sixth Flash Treatise For The Elderly[This Flash consists of Twenty-Six hopes, lights, and solaces.])

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stay Focused on Seeking Only God

Stay Focused on Seeking Only Allah's LoVe, MeRcy & Redha
Do anything solely for the pleasure of Allah,
As we have nothing but His Mercy,
And we want nothing but His Love..

At Istanbul, Turkey...