Friday, May 23, 2014

Learn to Give…….

The air was cold on a Sunday evening, at dusk as I was walking down the streets on the outskirts of Fatih with my Turkish friend, Yasmeen. There are many amazing food displayed, sold and eaten and Masha Allah… the aroma but  I noticed those statements are for those affordable ones as for the ones who are struggling for survival, food seems to be very very precious.. I saw a group of young Syrians gathering near the waste bin, and a young girl took an ice-cream cone's paper and tried to put her fingertip in it to get the left over messy melted chocolate inside it…on another corner a young mum walking with her young kids , all looking very hungry and exhausted, when she passed by the restaurants she tried to walk as fast as possible and her face looked so worried, nobody knows her true story…. While walking behind the shops, I could see groups of families returning to their illegal settlements and most of them were empty handed…… Its really heart-breaking to watch this scenes.. may Allah grant them the patience…living in the midst of the cold hearts… and May Allah grant them the ability to meet  warm hearts like this amazing Turkish bakery owner….If everyone can learn to give like him, life will be beautiful …Masha Allah.. there exist this warm generation shedding their compassion and light of mercy to those in need...May Allah reward these beautiful hearts..

I learned to GIVE not because I have many, but because I know exactly how it feels to have NOTHING.....

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