Thursday, March 20, 2014

A beautiful message

I received a beautiful message from a beautiful soul which inspires me each time when I read it making me realize that Allah has beautiful plans for beautiful souls and  Allah beautifies the beautiful souls with the fragrance of roses through His love and mercy….. .

Here is the beautiful message by a Turkish imam which was sent to me on the 3rd of February 2014:
“May Allah always help you. And He will always help you as long as you are at His door knocking and begging. If every single one of His creation rejects you He will never forsake you for He is the Most Merciful Most Loving. Every difficulty He sends your way is to draw you to His Nearness if you endure it bear it lovingly and patiently. This is His way. Do not complain Him to His creation . Build/repair/fix your relationship with Him, then he will give you tranquility and peace in your heart beyond measure even if your physical being was in turmoil and pain. You will be a perfumed garden of roses in your inner although your outer might be going through tribulations of life even being tested  by your closest ones. May Allah open your path…”

with much love and light,