Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stay strong in the storm

Risale I Nur, The Words page :403
Watching  Double rainbow at dusk..Masha Allah
When the light of love for the sake of Allah fades from one's heart, their mercy and compassion fades away too..but we should keep on moving, and when it hurts, run to Allah… with hope and faith, don't let their change of personality change your own personality, so keep on smiling and be the sun that warms hearts, be the rainbow that colours souls & be the stars that empowers minds. Holding on to Allah all the time can make us strong….we have gone through the hard way painfully but Allah brought us back to Him in a beautiful way…so what else do we want when we have Him as our true lover… making us stay strong in the storm and feel serene in His light of Love.

And a message for my darling children, we will always stay strong for each other, mum will always  du'a  that Allah will build a home for us with Him in Jannah, so my darlings dry your tears, there is a beautiful world ahead of us....