Sunday, July 12, 2015

True Success is from Allah

Allah is our Only Protector and the Only One Who will reward us the supreme success:
“There (on the Day of Resurrection) the (only) protection comes from Allâh the True One.  He is the Best to reward and the Best to give success.”  (Q 18:44).
Trust in Allah as  "... Allâh will not fail in His promise." (Q 13:31).  

Video recording at Rustempasa Madrasa, Istanbul, Turkey
Look at the beautiful side of things,
Allah’s help is actually coming in many beautiful ways..Masha Allah
Keep moving, keep striving with great efforts with Faith, Trust and Belief in God

Nurture a strong hope of God's Mercy...Hope may induce striving and work...and a person will not despair of Divine Mercy- Bediuzzaman
Said Nursi

Thank you Allah for Your endless blessings