Saturday, April 16, 2016

Happiness comes in many beautiful ways…

In the name of our Merciful and Compassionate God
Ladies, let us keep smiling and moving on in love and trust in God
God has love for those who put their trust in Him (Q3:159).
Sharing my musings again….Watching and observing the positive emotional actions of ladies are truly inspiring. They are not high academic degree holders but they are the ones who have high degree of compassion, passion and patience that make them move on in love and trust in God because for them, happiness comes in many beautiful ways...

Spending my kindergarten, primary and secondary schooling days in Convent school have brought unforgettable inspiring memories. I have observed how dedicated my beloved teachers, among them are Sister Mary, Sister Esther, Sister Chong, Sister Lucy who never wavered in support and inspiring us. I had to wait late hours for long distance home transport, so I had to spend after school hours with them which I really enjoyed. Accompanying them to find grasses to feed their rabbits, following them to the chapel, helping them in gardening, eating, chatting and sharing stories with them really makes my days. They love to smile; worked from their hearts for God and that made them happy.

a granny at Istanbul University
Traveling to Istanbul, the land of Tulips is truly an unforgettable experience. As I was walking across Istanbul University, I noticed an old lady, a mother, a granny appearing among a crowd of young girls giggling while taking self-fee photos in group. This lady walked down the straits with a large luggage of books and came to me. I couldn’t understand her Turkish but I could feel her words through her actions and her autumn smile was really inspiring. 

a mom selling roses in Turkey
Then as I walked along the Bosphorus coast, I saw a mother selling roses. People just walked pass her without looking at her, but she kept smiling although she was sweating in the summer heat. I saw her eyes shining in tears but she kept moving on with smile and hope.

spending the winter days in Jordan

During the winter semester break, I saw a young Syrian lady and a middle age mother in front of a mosque while visiting one of the Prophet’s companions’ shrines during my travelling days with my daughter in the sacred land of Jordan. These ladies kept following us so my daughter gave a big piece of bread to the mother. I could see the joy in the mother’s smiling face as she took it. Then I watched her walking to a group of young children who were shivering in the cold weather while sitting under a tree and there she shared her joy.

"Women are capable of great heroism."-Said Nursi

I really admire these ladies’ inspiring smiling faces and the persistence in their efforts, so ladies, let us keep smiling, keep moving, keep striving in love and trust in God.
God will make happiness come in many beautiful ways…

summer in Irbid, Jordan

traveling in Jordan

"Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun."-Kahlil Gibran

With love.,
from Irbid, Jordan

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