Friday, March 17, 2017

Drawing insightful lessons of life

Drawing insightful lessons of life from the Quran in the Risale i Nur as we saw how the fig and olive survived on snowy grounds during our winter season outings in Jordan....
Almighty God reveals numerous mysteries and significant points through oaths in the Quran and one of the amazing oaths is “By the fig and the olive,”(95:1) which is as follows: By swearing by the fig and the olive, Almighty God calls to mind the immensity of His power and the perfection of His mercy and His extensive bounties, in order to redirect those people who are heading for the lowest of the low, showing that they may progress spiritually, through thanks, reflection, belief, and good works as far as the highest of the high. The reason for specifying the fig and the olive is that as fruits they are most blessed and beneficial, and their creation comprises many notable things and bounties. For the olive is utilized for illumination and food, and is a basic commodity in social and commercial life. The fig is the same; it displays in its creation a miracle of power by encapsulating in its minuscule seed all the members of the huge fig-tree, and is a divine bounty both in its being a food, and its uses, and contrary to other fruits its continuity, and many other advantages. It calls all this to mind with the oath and instructs man to draw lessons from them so as to believe and perform good works, and not to fall to the lowest of the low (The Letters, p. 449).

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