Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The lovers of God never lose hope in His mercy

 As humans we are weak and in need of help and when we turn to God, His help comes in many unexpected ways. It's amazingly true, God’s help comes in many beautiful surprising ways as He always helps us if we seek Him. He provides us and nurtures us, He feeds us and gives us to drink, He guards us and protects us, He preserves and defends us, He grants us success and guidance, He enriches us, shelters us and befriends us. His help also comes through beautiful hearts that inspire, beautiful souls that aspire and beautiful minds that empower.

So, put our hopes on God’s infinite mercy; as in God’s Hands are the keys of all things; put our expectations on the Creator and not on His creations as only God has the power over all things.

O God! You are our Sustainer, for we are mere slaves; we are powerless to sustain and raise ourselves. That is to say, the One who sustains us is You! And it is You who is the Creator, for we are creatures, we are being made! And it is You who is the Provider, for we are in need of provision, we have no power!,(The Letters, p. 470)

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