Saturday, September 22, 2018

My PhD Research Journey

In Istanbul with my co-analyst, Dr Hakan Gulerce, 
LIFE IS A SCHOOL and LOVE IS ENERGY are the two most powerful conceptual metaphors that I found in my PhD research journey which brought me to the heart of Damascus Sermon.  It is a beautiful journey where Bediuzzaman binds our hearts through a powerful verse from the Quran “Do not despair of God’s mercy” (Q39:53). This verse teaches us to put our ultimate hope and focus on Allah as His mercy is infinite.I am truly grateful to Allah as I found the Risale i Nur while working on my PhD research work. Risale i Nur is a lighthouse that brought me back to the Quran and Sunnah. Bediuzzaman asserts we are the students of the Quran and he expresses “The Quran is the SUN that never sets; it is a special mercy; it is a true guide; it is a healer; it is a source of nourishment and it is strength.

After my PhD, I realized that the journey did not end as I felt that we are still going through the journey of life, learning and loving for the sake of Allah as LIFE IS A SCHOOL and we can keep the momentum going because Allah provides us strength through His infinite love as LOVE IS ENERGY.Life is indeed full of challenges but we should not run from the challenges.  We should learn the lessons of life through patience, courage and consistency. Ustaz said “We should try to always see the trace, face and essence of mercy in things which will cause us not to complain, but to offer thanks” (The Flashes, p. 357).LIFE IS A SCHOOL made me realize that we are life-long students and Allah teaches us through His Words. We do not owe anything as everything belongs to Him. The name, the fame, the title, the honor, the superiority all belongs to Almighty Allah. We have no power, no strength and no energy and only Allah can provide and sustain us. Allah is the source of love; He provides us, feeds us and nurtures us. He guards and protects us. He preserves and defends us. He is the one who grants us guidance and true success. He always enriches us and befriends us. He shelters us and grants us strength to move on as long as we are at His door knocking and seeking His infinite love as LOVE IS ENERGY.May Allah make us His lovers as the lovers of Allah will never lose hope in His mercy. Thank you very much.

This post was written after my PhD defense on 17/01/2017 and it was posted by my co-analyst on September 2017. Thank you Allah for Your endless blessings.

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