Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do you like the novel? "How I met myself"

Sharing again the edited versions of my students work. Well done!

The novel that I have chosen is “How I met Myself”, written by David A. Hill. I like this novel for certain reasons. It is because it has an interesting character who is John Taylor, 34 year old Englishman who works as a computer programmer with a computer company in Bristol, England. He is married with his Hungarian teacher, Andrea. He is a faithful and caring husband and father. The beginning of the novel was very impressive, as it is filled with mysterious moments that arouses my attention to keep on reading. The story started off interestingly when John bumped into  someone who looked exactly like him while on his way back from home. The person apologized to him and disappeared without leaving any footprints on the snow. Besides that, the flow of the novel began to create suspense as John began actively searching for his doppelganger. It was because after his encounter with his doppelganger, he felt terrified as he always have nightmares of him. Lastly, the ending was resolving as the truth was revealed. The story ends with a positive note when
he knew the actual reason for his doppelganger’s appearance which was to save him and his beloved family from the explosion in the café. Hence, I like the novel which really taught me the values of being persistence and being determined to solve problems for the sake of family love and unity.
Nur Shahira Binti Abdul Sukor
SMK Saujana Impian
October 2012
The novel that I have chosen is ‘How I Meet Myself’ written by David A. Hill, John Taylor who bumped into his own doppelganger is a computer programmer who works for a company in Budapest. He is the husband to Andrea and has a daughter named Kati. Eversince he bumped into his doppelganger, he kept dreaming the same thing over and over again. He decided to look for his doppelganger and it turns out that his doppelganger is trying to save his family. I really like this novel because it has a unique plot. It started with an impressive beginning that let out some mysterious aura. The story started off when John bumped into someone. He finds it strange because the man was exactly like him. From the evidence before, it shows that something strange will happen to him. The second reason I like this story is because of the suspense created by the author. The suspense starts when the doppelganger began to hunt him in his dreams. He always wake up in the middle of the night feeling very terrified and scared. The dream kept recurring and made him uncomfortable. After that incident, he was determined to do a research on his doppelganger and solve the mystery. Lastly, this novel has a resolving ending. The truth is revealed when the actual reason for the doppelganger’s appearance in his dream is for the sake of his family’s safety. The doppelganger came to give a warning to John Taylor so that the horrible incident which was the explosion in the cafe would not happen again to John’s family. Based on the evidence above, those are the reasons why I really like this novel.
~Aisyah Nur Hannan bt sufian
 SMK Saujana Impian
October 2012
The novel I choose is ‘How I Met Myself’ written by David A.Hill. I like the novel because the novel has impressive beginning. On his way home, John bumped into someone and he find it strange as the man looks exactly like him. The second reason I like the novel is because it creates suspense. The doppelganger began hunting him in his dreams and he felt terrified. He had a strange dream about the man and that frightens him. The ending part is the part that I like the most. The story ends on a positive note when the actual reason for the doppelganger’s appearance is revealed. It is anticipated that Andrea and Kati died in the blast. However, they were safe because of the doppelganger, the savior who  have saved them.
~Fathiah Husna bt Abd Rahman
SMK Saujana Impian
October 2012

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